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newborn baby getting care

COVID-19 Precautions

We are taking the following precautions in light of COVID-19:

  • Showering right before going to work

  • Wearing clothes that have not been worn before

  • Doulas are taking their temperatures before going to work

  • Wearing a mask

  • Washing hands many times while working

Bringing baby home is one of the happiest and most exciting times in life, but it can also be extremely overwhelming and full of questions. After the Stork offers both day and overnight support to families in order to ensure a smooth transition into parenthood and life at home with a newborn. While in your home, our doulas are there as a source of encouragement and knowledge through all of the changes and uncertainty that will arise as you take on this new role. Whether it's your first or third baby, routines will change, sleep will be sacrificed, and mom will be recovering from childbirth. After the Stork specializes in working with families for these first few days, weeks, or even months at home with baby, and will assist in any way we can so that you feel confident and empowered as a new parent and can truly enjoy the precious new addition to your family!

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