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Our Doulas

The After the Stork doulas

After the Stork employs a dedicated team of experienced, caring postpartum doulas. All of our doulas are mature women and mothers themselves. They have all been hired directly by Sandy Hill, the owner and manager of the company. After the Stork holds regular training in-services in which various speakers and specialists are brought in to ensure that our doulas are constantly learning and remain up-to-date on all postpartum and baby-care research and techniques. 

All of our doulas have gone through the following: 

  • background checks 

  • infant/child CPR 

  • training by After the Stork which includes:

    • breastfeeding & lactation support and bottle feeding

    • training related to postpartum mood disorders 

    • training in newborn care and aftercare of the mother

    • problem solving- why is baby crying?

    • training lead by a sleep training neuroscientist and author

  • are covered by Professional Liability Insurance 

After the Stork is managed by Sandy using a very hands on approach. She works closely with her team of doulas, as well as, with all clients. After the Stork values cohesiveness and communication when it comes to the care of our families and their little one(s). Sandy helps promote this necessary communication in order to make sure that every family receives the help and support they are looking for. This emphasis becomes especially important when the amount of care requested requires the help of more than one doula. Even though After the Stork is a highly successful company that has been around for almost 30 years, the personal attention and care given to every family is the reason so many clients continue working with them past the newborn stage. 

An experience doula taking care of smiling twins
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